One of my favorite blogs is having a contest. This post is my entry into said contest. I must be funny and/or creative. We all know these are not my strong suits, but here’s my attempt so that I win a prize.

Ironically enough, the prize is having my picture drawn in MSPaint.

Heather - Smiling - Hi!

I’m oddly excited about potentially winning the prize… So it’s pretty much like every other prize I’ve been in the vicinity of. I should really stop being so damn excitable.

Anyway, back to the post… I don’t quite recall how I first came to read A Beer For the Shower (ABFtS) , but within reading a post or two I decided to go back to the beginning of time and read their entire blog. I got through it and I’m still reading to this day, if that’s a testament of their awesomeness.

It probably isn’t. But it should be!

The blog is written by two dudes and started out as purely prose, but it eventually became a comic-laden blog. The difference between these guys and someone like, oh… let’s say… me, is that these guys are actually writers. Like professional writers. They make books and stuff.

This is where this post comes in. They recently released an e-book available on Amazon. The book is called The Missing Link and it’s cover was drawn in, you guessed it, MSPaint. It’s about the day the internet died. They released it this way because the publishing world is a crock and they got tired of being dicked around.

It makes me glad that I don’t have those sorts of goals.

So why am I doing this? Well, for one, the prize (duh!); for two, they too have asshole neighbours. Mostly though, it’s because they they like drinking beer in the shower, so they’re okay in my books. In fact, they actually have instructions on the best way to enjoy a beer in the shower. Tips that you don’t want to learn through trial and error; after all, trial and error often results in wasted beer.

Very few people know, that drinking while bathing is a guilty pleasure of mine. For a long time, I deprived myself of this luxury. I thought it made me a bad person, or an alcoholic. It’s not that I can’t bathe without a drink, but sometimes, I simply choose not to.

I don’t really drink beer anymore; I switched over to vodka and never really looked back. But every so often, I get a hankering for drinking while bathing, and a vodka cocktail does not do it justice. Trust me, I’ve tried. When this happens, I go out and buy a case of beer just so I can drink one while I bathe.

Heather in the Tub jpg

Which results in me having nice, long, relaxing baths 6 days in row. I’ve always enjoyed it while in the bath, as opposed to the shower, however, this was before I read their tips; I was always afraid of watering down the precious nectar. Not anymore.

So there you have it. Read their blog, buy their book and convince them that this is the funniest, most creative entry they’ve received.

And… … … GO!

Big thanks to EliseArt for providing the [good] illustration!