Even though, I’ve left so many stones unturned, I think this will be my final installment on this subject. Aside from all that craziness in Parts 3 & 4, the rest wasn’t all that crazy. I swear.

Thursday night was the last night I allowed for debauchery. Since I had a rocky flight on the way down, I really didn’t want to be hungover for the plane ride home. And since I had to check out of my room at noon and couldn’t have a siesta, I didn’t want to be hungover for the day in the heat. Thus, I kept it low key on Friday night. I didn’t even bring out the big guns.

Thursday, however, it was on! I was walking to Bar 1 when I passed this table. I instantly recognized one of the people, but also knew that I had never spoken with her. Her face lit up and said “You have to join our party, come here!”. I guess she recognized me too.

Who was she? The other terrified person on the plane that I looked to for support during the turbulent times. Her name is Rose and she lives about 5 minutes away from me. Weird.

I managed to convince her party to go to the disco. Mostly because I was like “I’m going to the disco” and so they decided to come too. We danced all night and I may have gotten more drunk than I did any of the other nights.

The boys that let me play pool the night before were there again, playing pool. They tried to get me to join in. I declined due to my level of intoxication. I didn’t know how to say “I’m drunk” in Spanish (which is probably a good thing). The game would have gone on forever, and I wouldn’t have sunk a ball… except for maybe the white one.

In hindsight, Wayne was there too, and he spent a lot of his time watching me on the dance floor. Creepy.

During my stay in Mexico, I came up with a system for determining how much I had to drink the night before. I called this method “counting limes”. Every time I got a drink in my big blue cup, they’d put a new lime in. In the morning, I would empty my cup of any unfinished drink and count the limes. Friday morning I woke up feeling under the weather, I counted the limes and nearly choked on my own saliva.

Seven? I sure hope I got double-limed at least twice. Dear God, no wonder I wasn’t feeling well. Turned out to be a bit more than that and I spent the majority of Friday feeling unwell.

Rose had plans to go to Puerto Vallarta Friday evening and do some karaoke. I was invited and intended to go, but when Friday afternoon rolled around and I still wasn’t feeling well, I met up with them and said “Thanks for the invite, but I can’t go”.

Rose was understanding. She said she was looking for me all day long to see if I was going to come, apparently she was asking around for me. One of the guys we were partying with the night before got asked “if he’d seen Heather”. He laughed and said “Heather? She only comes out at night… have you seen how white she is?? She can’t handle the sun!” I laughed, but also made a mental note to tan before going back.

One of the girls that was going to karaoke was a little less understanding, she said if I had a couple drinks I’d feel better. I was skeptical. Turns out she was right. I saw them at the disco that night (even though I wasn’t going to go there) and I was feeling much better three drinks in. We danced until I tapped out. Which was early… Like midnight.

After going home and packing, I realized it was only 1am and I could go back to the disco for another drink. I did. When I went back at 2am everyone was much less surprised to see me again. When I said I was going home for real, they said “See you in 5 minutes”. I didn’t go back, because that’s what willpower looks like.

A guy was playing pool that Friday night. A guy that I saw everyday on the resort. Multiple times a day, in fact. Actually, I pretty much saw him everywhere I went. We never spoke more than “Hola”. When I saw him at the disco, I couldn’t help but go up to him and say hi; we introduced ourselves (his name is Dan) and he told his friend how he saw me everyday and how he thought it was weird that we hadn’t spoken. I thought it was funny that he had the exact same thoughts on the subject as I did.

Meanwhile, I went up and got my picture taken with Gabriel & Cesar. When I was coming out from behind the bar, Dan was there. He looked shocked. He said “What the hell was that? How’d you do that?” and I said “Do what?” and then turned and said thanks to Gabriel & Cesar. The bartenders were all “No problem, Heather, you come back soon, okay?!” And I said “Definitely!”. When I turned back to Dan, he looked astonished. He asked me how I had that connection. I shrugged. He caught on… “You’ve been here every night haven’t you!?”. I shrugged again and said “Yeah… I have…”

He laughed and said that he should’ve hooked up with me a week ago and he can’t believe we went the whole week without even talking. I agreed that it was weird that we hadn’t spoken and then I asked if this was his first night at the disco. He confirmed. I said “Well, then, you should have come here sooner”.

So, all in all… I didn’t do all the things I planned on doing. I didn’t go into town, I didn’t kayak, I didn’t snorkel, I didn’t eat tacos off a street vendor, I didn’t see the sights, I didn’t experience what Mexico has to offer. I didn’t do anything I thought I would… except drink and lie on the beach. Therefore, I must go back soon. Next time I go, I’ll be less inclined to be happy “just being there” and will actually do all the things I wanted to do (… … like Jose…). One can hope anyway.