The night after my make out session with Jose, I called it quits early; I had to wake up for an excursion the next day. I barely even went to the disco that night. The night after the excursion, however, I most certainly was at the disco. That’s the night I decided playing pool was a good idea. Just before a new game started, I approached one of the players; I expressed my desire to play, he expressed his confusion.

I wanna play

Another one that didn’t speak English – and I don’t know the Spanish word for “play”. After a lot of gestures and pulling his friend over (who did speak English), I got my point across and they said I could play with them. I was pretty happy.

Turns out, there were two guys, Rick and Wayne that were supposed to play the winners. Oooops, I unknowingly jumped the queue! (Side note: I thought Wayne was Rick’s dad, but I later found out they were just sitting next to each other on the plane; this is more important that it sounds)

I was supposed to break – I suck at breaking. But it turned out to be easier to just do it, rather than trying to complain in Spanish. Como se dise “I suck” en Espanol?

SAM 0607

I didn’t do a very good job. I totally missed that shot, but eventually I hit them balls.

After a very long game of pool (I may or may not have been intoxicated), Rick and Wayne played the winners (hint: I did not play again). Wayne gave me his camera and I proceeded to take about a hundred pictures of their game. I also took a couple of my own.

SAM 0602

Yada, yada, yada, I went home.

Two nights later, I was at the disco again and Wayne was there. He was watching a game of pool; I spoke with him briefly and then went to the bathroom.

The bathroom at the disco was weird. The first time I went, I was almost scared to go in there.

The door on the inside of the disco looks like any bathroom door, but when you go through it, you’re suddenly outside. To the left is a pathway into darkness and in front of you is a little saloon door.

SAM 0416

Kinda like this one, but without the cheery colours. It was dark and it was scary. Turns out, it’s just so that the bathroom is accessible when the disco is closed. It ended up not being bad at all, until…

I came out of the saloon door to go back inside and…

Wayne Lurking

Wayne was waiting outside for me. As I approached him, he made like the usual Mexican greeting; hand extended, face turned (the handshake/kiss on the cheek move). Only at the last second, he turned his face towards mine and laid the kiss right on my lips.

I was super creeped out; first: I just kissed an old man; second: he was waiting outside for me (!!!); and third: he was standing in the very spot that creeped me out the first time I went to the bathroom.

He asked me what I was doing…

Heather back inside2

He wanted to know what I was going to do inside. I said I was going to dance. I asked if he was going home now and he shrugged, turned away and said “I guess….” while looking seductively over his shoulder. I said “Okay – bye!!” and ran inside.

So, just in case you thought that only horny, Mexican teenagers hit on me… Oh, no no, I also get pestered by horny, White senior citizens. I need a better demographic.