I woke up on day 2 and couldn’t help but remember my moment of apprehension, my moment of panic. It threatened to wash over me again. But then I looked out my window and saw this:

SAM 0425

Yeah, baby! I can do this!!

I found my way down to the breakfast buffet – which was nice since I would never again have the breakfast buffet. Not because it wasn’t good, mostly because the nights were so much better.

I worked my way into a nice little routine. I had rules; I didn’t want to stroke out because of the sun and I didn’t want to dehydrate myself because of the drinking. I had to be careful if I wanted to survive.

Rule #1 – I must drink 1L of water before leaving my room

Rule #2 – I must eat food before having a drink

Rule #3 – I can only drink out of the little plastic cups during the day

Rule #4 – My travel mug can only come out when I’m on my way to dinner

Some might argue that these aren’t really rules. But they were the only things I had that resembled rules, so I stuck by them.

Rule #1 was easy enough. Although, depending on the night before and depending on the extent of my hangover, choking back 1L of water could take anywhere from half an hour to two hours. I had a couple rough mornings.

Generally speaking, I left my room around lunch time everyday. If it wasn’t quite 12:30, I’d go lie by the pool, walk around, or go down to the beach and wait for the buffet to open. I’d eat lunch and then I’d go and do much of the same. But much of the same, also included sitting at the bar and having a drink (or four), you know, since I’d had lunch.

Bar 2 was my favourite day time bar. It had the best view, the best seating and the best bartenders. WARNING: Below is the non-animated me. If you would prefer to know only my pixilated version, please skip over the following picture.

SAM 0686

That’s Ricardo, me & Elizabeth. Behind the bar, that’s right.

Not far from Bar 2 was this ceramic painting station. There were different types of ceramics available (all white ceramics with black outlines of flowers, moons, stars etc.) – you purchased the ceramics and then painted them yourself (you could also leave it with them and they would paint it for you, but that’s not much fun). After you finished painting them, you left it with them, they “touched it up” and brought it back glazed the following day.

“Touched up” is the understatement of the century. Or at least of my week in Mexico. They would go over the outlines that I inevitably painted over and they would add highlights and swirls. Basically, they would turn my kindergarten art project into a work of beauty. I did two pieces: one for my mom and one for my step mom and since neither or them read this, I can post pics here without spoiling their Christmas presents.

SAM 0693

SAM 0695

The one on the left is a candle holder and the one on the right is a jewelry box. And I can tell you, I did not hand them in looking that good.

Ricardo would come by while I was painting to see how I was doing and to tell me I was doing a good job. He always said he wanted to see the finished result. Whenever I got a piece back, I would carry it around all day in hopes of seeing Ricardo to show off my work. He was so supportive.

Bar 2 ended up being closed for two days (I didn’t know what to do with myself) and I couldn’t find him anywhere after I got back the jewelry box. I was disappointed; I wanted to show him; I wanted my pat on the back.

On my last day, Bar 2 was open again and there I was chatting with Ricardo. I told him I got my piece back, I told him that I tried to find him. He told me it looked very nice. I looked confused. He told me that he walked by the day before when they were setting up and stopped just to find the piece I was working on so he could see it. What a sweetheart.

So, after eating, and drinking at Bar 2, I would go down to the beach, swim or at least wade in the water for awhile. Then I would go to the pool and lie on a beach chair, swim. Rough life, I tell ya. I would walk around the grounds and find all kinds of neat things.

SAM 0642

Like Mexican Foosball!!

After 4 hours or so, I’d have enough of the heat and sun and would make my way back to my room for a siesta. Cool off with the AC, have a shower and get ready for the night time.

Sounds like as good a place as any to leave off. Stay tuned for Part 3.

(Less drama, less detail, better post??) 🙂