This weekend was chock full of adventure, so I thought I’d share it with you. Okay – it wasn’t really chock full of adventure, I just need to write 4 posts over the next 4 days in order to meet my goal of 600 words per day, 4 days per week. Also, it seems like I have writer’s block and have no idea what to write about otherwise. Enjoy!

Friday I left work late, which is extremely typical; instead of making a bee-line straight for the pub, I decided to go home first, get cleaned up and then walk down. One of my favourite waitresses was there having dinner so I got to sit with her (and her mom) while I ate.

After I left that pub (pub #1), I decided to mosey on down to this other pub. The first pub is actually more of a restaurant and the second pub is more of a bar, but whatever. I went to pub#2 for (pretty much) the first time 3 or 4 weeks ago; that night they had a live band playing. I was kinda hoping they would have another live band playing this time; pub #2 did not disappoint.

I made friends with the bartenders (Phil & Dave), the girl beside me and her brother (whose Dad is the manager of the place), as well as this other girl that showed up after last call, but managed to get a drink. I asked her how she’s able to do that and she said that they know she’ll be finished up before they need her to leave. I guess she’s a regular.

Since pub #2 has such an early last call, drink-after-last-call-girl (that sounds bad) suggested heading to pub #3 that has a later last call. Since it was only a few blocks down the road, I agreed. We walked down the road and I learned a lot about her (enough to question her sobriety and consider that she may have had another glass of wine (or three) some place else before hitting pub #2).

We arrived at the third pub just as they were having last call. So we had to keep it short. There was a blind guy there, that had a seeing eye dog. I asked if I could pet his dog, he said yes. I was pretty pleased. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have been crawling around on that floor. I left pub #3 when they made me and crossed the street to make my way home.

I was standing on the corner (that sounds really bad) and I was trying to decide if I should wait for a bus, or walk home. It’s a pretty far walk and it was pretty late at night, so I didn’t really want to, but I didn’t know when the bus was coming either, so I was indecisive. As I’m standing there I see a cab approach the intersection, heading towards me, with his “I’m available” light on. I was still trying to make my decision when he started flashing his lights at me. I decided a cab ride home was probably my best choice. So I stuck my hand up in the air and he pulled over.

I got in and was instantly hit with the overwhelming scent of McDonalds. I was reminded that I should probably eat something. At that moment, the cabbie held out a pie and asked me if I wanted it. Ordinarily, I would have said “No thanks” feigning politeness. Instead I said “Yeah, kinda!”. It was the best damn pie ever.

Made it home safe and sound. Saturday was uneventful, just movies and reading. Sunday I talked to my mom and then went shopping with my stepmom. We went Halloween costume shopping and I bought my first ever store-bought-costume. Pretty exciting. I sure hope I have somewhere to wear it this year!

Then today, I went to work, chewed through my workload as best I could, went upstairs and had my ass handed to me on a foosball platter and made my way home. As I’m preparing dinner, something slipped off my counter, but because I have cat-like reflexes, my hand shot out to catch it without me even thinking. Turns out, it was a knife. It was sharp. I sliced open my finger pretty good. I’ve since stemmed the bleeding but it hurts and I’ve been made painfully aware that I do not have any bandages in the house. Good thing I’m going shopping tonight. With one hand, apparently.