So I took part in the Warrior Dash a while back. (A real post pertaining to this will show up, I swear!) One of the perks of doing the warrior dash is you get a super cool Viking hat. A girl from work was unnecessarily excited about my hat and wanted me to bring it in. I did.

I'm a Warrior!!

As I was standing there holding it, EliseArt looks up and says “Is that a tea cozy?”. I scoffed and assured her that it was not a tea cozy. Yeesh. But that got me to thinking… I drink tea all the time. I use a tea pot.

SAM 0297

My current tea cozy is a makeshift set up consisting of tea towels and oven mitts. Kinda ghetto. I’d been meaning to test out the hat, but the idea kinda fell to the wayside and I forgot until one day I was wrapping my tea pot in layers of ghetto-ness. I recalled the conversation (that’s kinda what I do) and got super excited. I had to calm myself down because normally when I get super excited, things end badly for me. I calmly walked to the hat, all the while thinking “It’s not going to fit anyway”.

SAM 0299

But it did fit. Perfectly, in fact. Now I’m not longer ghetto and tea drinkers everywhere will totally be jealous of my awesome tea cozy.

Epic Tea Cozy

It’s unreal. And it keeps my tea piping hot!

Big thanks to EliseArt for giving me the idea, even if you weren’t serious about it!