I was sitting at home the other night, minding my own business, surfing the internet. It was pretty late – maybe 2am; I’d just gotten home from a bar. So there I was; deep in thought, surfing with the exaggerated care of that of a drunk person. I was really into the computer and my own little world.

Heather - computer1

I tossed my head back in laughter at some anecdote that I had come across when something caught the corner of my eye.

Heather - computer2

It took a moment before my eyes adjusted and the image registered in my brain.

Heather - close up - surprised

And then it sunk in.

Heather - close up - surprised2

giant spider

A giant* fucking spider on my wall. Just hanging out. Practically right above me*. Scared the hell out of me. I ran, grabbed my vacuum cleaner and sucked him right up. I tried not to be too loud, but with my squealing and bashing around, running the vacuum cleaner and laughing, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t that quiet. Also, I may have been drunk.

*Disclaimer: Spider was not that big and it was about 3ft away from me*