Welcome to my new and improved blog. Okay it’s not that new because I was able to fully import my old blog into this one (and it was easy too!). But it definitely is improved. I mean, just look at it. It rocks!

Anyway, with this new look comes new marketing. I made a Facebook page (I know…), but it’s not much of anything yet and it only has one like so far (gee, I wonder who that is…), but if you wanna like it too, here it is: http://www.facebook.com/pages/That-White-Girls/235085719871139  (I hope that works)

Well, that’s pretty much all I got for now, which is so unlike me, so I’ll tell you my superhappyfunday story.

Every so often (sometimes more often than others) K & I will have superhappyfunday. It usually follows a night of debauchery, so we’ll get up and head out for breakfast at our favourite place, then we’ll head out to Cultus Lake where we do some form of exercise. Type of exercise is mostly weather/time of year dependent.  Since it’s summer and the weather is nice we had the most superhappyfunday ever on Sunday.

We got to the lake and went for a walk (it’s about 4-5km roundtrip), then we rented a paddleboat for an hour and went out onto the lake and paddled around. It was really awesome; super relaxing and it felt great to soak up the sun. But since we’re both pretty pale, we can’t take too much of the blazing heat, so by the time we got off the water we were ready to be cooled down. So into the lake we went. It felt wonderful. It’s so nice to dunk your head under water when it’s been cooking all day and to get the 7 layers of sunscreen off.

After dragging ourselves out of the water, we got back into the car and started driving towards Castle Fun Park. It’s a park that is a lot of fun and is shaped like a castle. Seriously. Turns out we were pretty famished since we hadn’t eaten since breakfast, so we stopped at a pub for lunch. They had 2 for 1 appy’s; there were four to choose from. So we got all four, plus a veggie plate to offset the badness of the other appy’s. We may have bit off more than we could chew because they brought out so much food it was ridiculous. Sometimes I wish the server would say “Are you sure, cuz that’s a lot…” But no. So we stuffed ourselves as much as possible and felt better for it.

After eating we made our way to the fun park. The original plan was to do batting cages followed by a round of mini golf, but we were too tuckered out to play an hour of mini golf so we went to the batting cages. Unfortunately, our regular batting cage was out-of-order so we tried one that throws a lot harder. It was actually painful when I hit the ball. The impact reverberated down the bat, down my arms, to the centre of my soul.  I only hit about 4 of the balls and grazed another 6 or so, but by the end, I was kinda hoping I wouldn’t make contact because I was already sore from it.

Then we got back in the car and I drove to the bar that we were at the night before, so K could pick up her car that we had abandoned there. I drove home, willing myself to stay alert and not give in to my exhaustion. Once I got home, I pretty much hit the sack and then didn’t get up for 12 hours. It was marvelous.

Now it’s Tuesday and instead of going into work at a decent time, I decided to write this post in an attempt to keep my great weekend going. I fooled myself for a little while, but it’s becoming painfully obvious as the clock ticks, that the weekend is over and I should get dressed and go to work. Dammit. Oh well. Four day work week. I can do it!!