Based off a name suggestion by a certain Brain Trepaning (big thanks!!), I secured another blog address. I googled it and there aren’t 75 million other blogs by that name – success! But now that I have a new name and address I’m overcome with feelings of nostalgia; feeling a bit sentimental towards my original name and address. I mean, I can’t just pack up and move on, can I? What will happen to hwhitey1980?

I suppose I can (somehow) transfer over my old posts, but then the dates will be all wrong. And it seems like a lot of work. And what about all the comments? It’s like I’m just going to erase everything that I’ve built over the last year and a bit. I can’t just start new either, because there will be so much left unsaid and things will seem weird without the history… things are probably weird enough with the history.

So anyway, my new address is: There is one post, but it’s really not much of one. I’ll keep you posted (RDRR) as to what I decide to do. Suggestions? Bring ’em!