I mentioned in a previous post (although briefly), that I love foosball. Just in case any of you were hoping for a post about foosball, I decided to oblige and write one. Enjoy.

It all started about 6 weeks ago. As part of a workplace fundraiser, a foosball tournament was scheduled to take place. I didn’t even consider taking part until someone sent me an email saying “I may not be good at the game, but I’ll likely be really excited about it. Who wants to be on my team?”.

Having never played before, I couldn’t help but think that, I too, would not be good at the game, but would be quite excited about the experience. I replied to the email saying as much. Another colleague came forward and professed to being the Foosball Master; the playing training began.

Our playing has built up over the weeks and it has gotten to the point where we play constantly. Sometimes multiple times a day. I (we) now have to calculate the hours worked in the day based on:

  1. when I arrive
  2. when I go home
  3. how many minutes of foosball played during that time

Even though I have a lot more experience with the game than I did 6 weeks ago, our games still follow the same pattern. (*dramatization – may not have happened)

Our games always start off the same way. We’re both eager and ready to let off some steam.


Within minutes (seconds?) of playing, the ball ends up in my zone with him on the attack. It’s a very stressful moment as I pass him the ball and he lines up the shot.


Inevitably, he scores. There’s no stopping the rocket that he calls ‘just a shot’.

Foosball6 mod

Yet, I’m just as concerned every time.


It continues on. As I get better at defending the net (that’s really all I can do), he soldiers on.



It gets to the point where I’ve exhausted all of my efforts towards The Rocket and admit defeat.


And then he turns around and is a complete jackass about the whole thing.


Just when I don’t think I can take the abuse anymore, he spends an hour coaching me on techniques; showing me where I go wrong and how I can improve. Maybe I just need more practice and then I’ll be able to stop The Rocket. If that’s the case, I’ll be able to stop anything! Then, I’ll just need to work on scoring.

I think I’m going to be a Foosball Master too. Thanks Gorm!! 🙂

Big thanks to EliseArt for providing illustrations.