I’ve known for quite some time that my drawing skills are somewhat… lacking. Despite my lack of talent and perspective, I often try to draw, even if just to give EliseArt a little more to go on than “Me – mopey”. She has received a number of very, very bad drawings that were supposed to ‘help’.

Moon Rough 1

Even though my pen and paper drawings turn out like that (and sometimes worse), I still occasionally convince myself that if I try hard enough I can draw. I’ll open up paint and start trying. When it looks like shit and/or takes far, far too long, I blame my incompetence on external factors, like the mouse. Clearly, it’s the mouse’s fault that my drawings turn out like this:

Heather - drawing - mouse

So, I started entertaining the idea of buying a drawing tablet so that I have a pen, because that will fix everything. Once I sobered up, I realized that I was kidding myself. I highly doubt that a drawing tablet will help matters. But… since I’m, like, a scientist, and stuff, I need to test this theory out. So, I’ve asked EliseArt if I can borrow her tablet for the night. When I get said tablet, I will re-create the above picture and you can judge whether or not it’s worth me spending the money on a tablet.

*Update: (July 14, 2011) – added tablet picture


 *Update: (July 14, 2011) – I think my drawing has improved, but not remarkably. Now I’m at the point where I convince myself that if I practice enough and try hard enough I can do it and the tablet won’t be an $80 paperweight. What’s your opinion, Mighty Reader?

Disclaimer – I do not intend to draw all pictures in this blog – that would be cruel and unusual punishment and I don’t want to lose the 3 readers I’ve managed to hold on to. EliseArt, you won’t get off that easy – you must earn your 12% cut!