I’ve been an honorary member of the Social Committee for my dad’s work for quite a few years now. But I’ve recently taken the relationship to the next level and thought, hey, why not write a post about it?

Up until two weeks ago, I limited my involvement in the social committee to volunteering on the day of (and the days leading up to) the event. I wasn’t a part of the organizing and besides taking orders from K helping K, I wasn’t really involved.

Until now.

The latest extravaganza is the Youth Convention – basically an event to educate youth in the workplace. It’s a giant event – taking place over 3 days with numerous fundraising events leading up to it. It’s quite the undertaking. K has been talking about it for months and I’ve helped out at the few events they’ve had to raise money so far.

The problem is, people sign up to be on the committee and when they realize how much work it is, they stop showing up to the meetings. Essentially abandoning all the dedicated members and leaving all the work for them. Not fair.

Tim, Mr Social Committee, has asked me to attend meetings a number of times in the past but I always considered it to be a pity invite. You do a lot, so I have to invite you, but I could care less if you show up. Well, when the youth committee dwindled to a handful of participants he started mentioning ways of getting new members. Again.

Since all attempts at increasing membership have failed long-term thus far, K was extremely skeptical and voiced her opinion. Tim’s response? Well, what about your friend?

So she called me and despite my busy schedule, I agreed. Because even with working full-time, going to school part-time, drinking, ice skating and hiking, I’m going to be far more dedicated than most of the people that actually work there. In fact, that’s how I started volunteering at events in the first place, so why not start going to meetings??

In my two week tenure, I’ve made two posters and a sign up sheet, have attended two meetings, proofread/edited three letters and helped with the budget for one, very large, event.

This summer will be packed to the tits with events. Hopefully I keep busy enough to stay out of prison.

Big thanks to Brain Trepaning for accusing me of barely keeping out of prison and to EliseArt & Gorm for finding the term “pack to the tits” so damn hilarious.