The past few days have been a roller coaster of events and emotions; I’ve come to the conclusion that the universe hates me and wants me to cry.

Heather - Freaking Out - Elise

I think I wrote a post about karma, or Murphy or The Spite Gods having it out for me. Well, folks, it’s happening again. Luckily, for EliseArt, I will be able to reuse pictures from the post that I’m pretty sure I already wrote. These are all true stories. (*dramatization… may not have happened).

Stompy moved out and my landlord was working on the place getting it ready for the new tenants. He called and asked me to go through the storage room and pick out anything that wasn’t mine and he’d deal with it. Sounds great. I pointed out a few items, one of them being a set of crutches, and he took them away. All the while, I was eyeing the crutches, thinking “Wow, those could come in handy!”.

I was reluctant to actually keep the crutches, because of karma, or Murphy, or The Spite Gods or The Universe having it out for me, so I let him put them out in the alley. Later that night, I went and had a few drinks with K, told her about the crutches and said “If I take them, isn’t it just asking to get hurt?”. She said no. And then I fell down.


I didn’t hurt myself in an I-need-crutches-kind-of-way, but it sure answered my question. And the answer is, yes, yes it is just asking to get hurt.

The other day I was driving home and realized I needed gas, I also realized that I forgot my wallet at home. I had to stop in at work for a few minutes before heading home and chuckled to myself when I considered calling BCAA and having them bring me $10 worth of gas, just so I didn’t have to go home and then go straight back out. I thought it’s a bit ridiculous, but I never use BCAA so I might as well. Then I realized that my BCAA card is in the wallet I forgot at home. Dammit.

I cleaned my car the other day and it made me think that maybe my car isn’t dead to me and maybe I don’t need to buy a new one soon, maybe it is a good car. And then this morning I was driving to work and BAM – it sounded like my front brakes fell off and were just rolling around in the wheel well. I was pretty sure the car was going to burst into flames. I parked it and then walked the rest of the way to work.

Heather - Mopey

I went about my day and I decided early on that the breakdown wasn’t the end of the world, it would almost work out well. My mechanic is close to my home and my home is close to the polling station for the election. I could tow my car to the mechanic, walk to the polling station and then be home, all within a reasonable time period. It was practically perfect.

As I was getting ready to leave, I thought I’d give the mechanic a call just to let him know I was going to tow my car there. I get the voicemail, which isn’t unusual, and I listen to the greeting and it says they’re shutdown UNTIL MAY 23rd!

Heather - WTF

My other mechanic is in Surrey and there’s no way I could be back in time to vote. Luckily, BCAA was able to fix my problem and I didn’t have to have my car towed and repaired. So…. never have to use BCAA, huh? Blamo – Spite God powers initiated!

Heather - Lightning

Big thanks to EliseArt for providing illustrations