The following excerpt is a comment on my last post:

Guess what tomorrow is? The one month anniversary of your last post.

AAAAAaaand, if you don’t post next week, there will be no posts in March!!!

Let me show you a data point of scientific data:
April 2007 (1)
February 2007 (1)
December 2006 (3)
September 2006 (1)
May 2006 (1)
April 2006 (2)
March 2006 (1)
January 2006 (2)
December 2005 (1)
October 2005 (3)
September 2005 (1)
August 2005 (4)
July 2005 (1)
June 2005 (1)
May 2005 (2)
April 2005 (3)
March 2005 (1)
February 2005 (3)
January 2005 (6)
December 2004 (2)
November 2004 (3)
October 2004 (3)
September 2004 (8)
August 2004 (2)
July 2004 (4)
June 2004 (6)
May 2004 (7)
April 2004 (12)
March 2004 (13)
February 2004 (8)
January 2004 (7)
December 2003 (7)
November 2003 (10)
October 2003 (19)
September 2003 (12)

This blog started off healthy enough – and then there were no posts in November 2005! The following months were a write-off (if there were any posts at all) and only a few entries later, it was all over!

Even if it has no illustrations, even if its not your best work, some people need to read new blog entries and not see them head down the haunted path to non-existence.

I failed on the one-month anniversary front, however, I win with a post in March. Go me. I do, however, have one issue with this comment. Let’s face it, I likely have many, many issues with this comment, but I’ll limit it to just one. This commenter is trying to convince me to post using statistics and although it appears to have worked, my issue with it is this: You can prove anything with statistics; 14% of people know that.

So, why haven’t I been posting? Well, I got a new guitar and although she’s really pretty, she’s quite demanding of my time. If I don’t play enough attention to her, she sits in the corner and looks sad. And, I can’t have that.

Also, school. I fear that next semester (also known as the semester from hell where I’d rather curl up under a rock than deal with all the responsibilities and deadlines) will only make things worse. I’m taking three classes. To some, that may seem like a cake walk, to me, it’s a life ruiner. Literally.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time on the outside. It’s a wonderful place with fresh air and animals and stuff. I take my brother and his dog for a walk every week. (which reminds me I should have called to remind him that’s it’s doggie day today). I’m slowly but steadily moving my way up into ‘favorite aunt’ status with his dog. That makes me ridiculously happy.

What else makes me ridiculously happy? Ice-skating. It makes me feel like a cross between a child and a divorcée. Odd combination? Not if you think about it. I feel like a child because I get super giddy when I’m skating. I glide around with (what my brother calls) my shit-eating-grin on my face. I laugh pretty much constantly. High on life – OH! That’s what those after-school-specials were talking about. I wish I discovered this before I discovered drugs and alcohol. I feel like a divorcée because even though I’m living life and having fun, I’m really truly afraid of falling and getting hurt, again.

I think that’s about it. My apologies for sucking it up in the writing arena and big thanks to Gorm for giving me the kick in the pants that I needed to post something. I suppose he’s right, illustrations are not absolutely necessary and this wasn’t my best work. Thanks for that. Happy reading. Yay – new post! 🙂