I was playing the guitar the other day. I had just learned a new song, so I was OCD-ing pretty bad. Something which I haven’t done in awhile because 1) I haven’t been playing guitar much and 2) I haven’t been learning any new songs. The two may or may not be connected. Anyway, it’s easy to imagine that I was quite focused on what I was doing.

Guitar bliss


All of a sudden I heard this noise; it was loud and it was a voice.

Computer danger 2

It was so loud I didn’t even know what it was saying. It really freaked me out. I abruptly stopped playing guitar and looked over my shoulder towards the noise with pure terror on my face.

Guitar horrified

My heart was pounding; I was sure I was going to see some monster bursting through my wall, coming to get me.


And then I saw it. A pop-up notification that my anti-virus software had an update. This particular software includes voice-notification in addition to the temporary pop up message. I had been listening to music through my computer earlier that evening and every volume knob was cranked to the max. Thus, when the nice lady told me that I should download an update, I nearly crapped myself. All I could do was laugh while I waited for the palpitations to subside.


Big thanks to EliseArt for providing illustrations!