Okay, so this isn’t exactly the next post I had it mind, but I had to go with it.

I dropped my computer off with Anna on Tuesday of last week so her husband could take a look and work his magic. Anna updated me and said that the “virtual machine” isn’t working and it’s still doing “it”. And by “it” I/she/ means recording “out of time” (and I’m not talking REM).

Ever since I dropped the thing off, I’ve convinced myself that there isn’t actually a problem with the computer. I’m just too picky. I just have to come to terms with the fact that (while recording) it may be a millisecond or 500 off.

In order to truely justify my feelings towards the computer/operating system/soundcard, I figured I had to do a trial run. I had to test it out. (yes, yes, I am a scientist)… So, I plugged in my recording unit to my brand-new Toshiba laptop. The delay was slightly crazy, but not “Whoa…. what’s going on” kind of crazy”… So I started to think that “the problem” is something I could actually work with. So it’s true… I am unreasonable.

And then I plugged it into my desktop (which is an old, old, Acer, that has many, many, processing issues)… and when I tested it out…. I could hear myself AS I SPOKE! This equals “real-time”, people.

For awhile there, I thought I was too picky. Maybe I didn’t need real-time recording. Maybe I was being unreasonable. This test really cemented my belief … and that belief is Windows 7 sucks.

Or else all laptops suck… but I don’t think that’s the case. In fact, I’m $400 away from buying a Mac. And even though some people say “Noooooo….. Mac’s are evil!” I think I should save up a bit of dough and buy myself a MacBook… because the Lard knows I won’t have recording issues with that bad-boy.