I’m not very technologically savvy… maybe even technologically retarded. Challenged, pardon me. It’s not that bad; I have friends that know what they’re doing.

One of these friends has his own website and blog and everything. He told me that I should also blog. My immediate response was “But that’s on the internet and I don’t know how that works”. So he told me how: go here and make an account, download this and type. My response: “Sounds complicated”. His response: “It’s not. It couldn’t be easier.” I brushed it off with my non-committal “Sounds interesting”, which he took to mean that it sounded interesting and so he started explaining how pings work and how I could ping better than anyone else… or something. I can’t recall. I really didn’t understand that part of the email.

So a couple months later, someone else said I should write down my stories and since I’d recently become addicted to Cracked, I decided the blog idea wasn’t that far-fetched and I’d give it a shot. I went through my discarded emails and found the one outlining how to make it happen. I still have no idea what pings are…


Yes, yes, I do want pings, so long as you’re offering and so long as they’re free.

So once I started up my blog my friend asked if I’d like his blog to have a link to my blog, I said sure. Within minutes, a link was up. (Thanks Brain!) Since I have no idea how to do that (that’s on the internet and I don’t know how that works) I’ll return the favour, the low tech way. http://www.trepaning.com/blog/. You’re welcome. You may have just recruited three new readers. I can say three with confidence because I have four readers and one of them is you.

**UPDATE** I have now figured out one part of the internet; Brain’s blog now has a working link on the sidebar. Oh yeah.

**UPDATE** I may have in fact recruited a fifth reader… it’s questionable whether or not he will actually read it, but since it’s my brother, I can only hope! 🙂

Hmmm… other technology that I don’t understand…

Well, I still refer to the flat screen TVs/monitors as the “new” kind… even though you can no longer purchase CRT versions anywhere… Except for maybe the local pawn shop or crack house. I realize they’re not new anymore, but I just can’t seem to get past it. I think I should buy one of those new TVs and then maybe I’ll stop making that slip.

I got my first cell phone for xmas 5 years ago. After I opened it and gave Dad the totally cliché response “Oh, cool!”, he informed me that he had taken the liberty of charging the battery, so I could use it right away. Aw, thanks Dad. I continued to hold it and say “pretty” a lot. Finally, a 12 year old took it out of my hands, turned it on and started showing me how it worked. Wow… when I saw the colours on the screen… you should’ve heard me – I tell ya, it’s like I’d never seen TV before. I had, I just had never seen one so small and with a screen so flat! Fairly certain everyone in the room laughed at me. For the rest of the night.

I’ve started recording music. I got myself a 4 track (the cassette, analog version, not the new, digital, fancy kind), but after I dropped it a few times and it stopped working so well, I decided to feed the music into the computer. I say ‘I decided’, but really, I called a friend of mine complaining and he told me that’s what I should do and then told me how to do it. I followed his instructions and then I figured out the cords and the program and now I can record straight into my computer. Amazing. (Thanks Brain!) I’ve since ditched the 4 track and have upgraded to the least digital, least fancy computer-music-interface-thing money could buy.

When I first played a Wii, I was blown away by the cordless controller and amazed by the fact that you just point it at the TV and it knows what you’re doing. I had no idea how the TV could “see” the Wii remote, let alone tell the Wii what you’re doing with it… yes, I did say that out loud and yes, I was shown the sensor bar, completely separate from the TV. Okay, so it’s not that smart… And apparently neither am I…