So, I’m going to a concert tomorrow night. I’m really excited about it!!! But I didn’t want to go alone… so I managed to convince a friend of mine to go with me (yes, the same friend from a previous post… My apple tastes like parsley).

So, anyway, I convinced him to go with me and since it’s tomorrow night we’re in the planning stages of actually executing this adventure. And, yes, it will be an adventure. Planning things like when to meet, where to meet etc. So I suggest we meet around the time the gates open (6pm) and go for some dinner and drinks. Well, because, I need to eat and drinking, although not required, is highly desirable. So this is what I suggest and I don’t hear back from him.

Until this afternoon. I’m walking through the lab on the way out the door when I check my phone, I have a text from him. I read it. I burst out laughing. Everyone within 3 metres, turns, looks at me (yes, still laughing) and asks what is so funny. Nothing… Ba hahahahahaha…

heather lauging

I leave the lab, walk out into the hallway (yes, still laughing) and continue to get weird looks from everyone in the hallway. I get control of myself. His text, and I quote, there is no improvisation at all here… this is straight from his mouth (or hand?) to your ears (or eyes?)… this actually happened.


Umm Heather, if we go for a drink(s) should I wear quick drying pants, or bring a pair to change into????

Big thanks to “EliseArt” for providing illustrations that I can crop and use at will. 🙂