For some reason, sometimes, I forget that people outside of my car can see me. It’s almost like I think my car is my own invisibility cloak, which it turns out, it isn’t. My reality has been shattered more than once.

Last year, I was sitting at a red light. It was a beautiful summer day, I had my windows down and my sunroof open. Really enjoying it. Then, I decided that my windshield wasn’t doing the day justice and it should be washed. So I turned on the washers. Well, the washer fluid started raining down on me through the open sunroof. Caught completely off guard, I cried out in surprise and then burst out laughing.

Car Raining

Just as someone is turning left directly in front of me and he’s watching the whole thing. He seemed rather amused, because his windows were also down and given how close he was, and how loud I was, I know that he also heard the whole thing. But he was laughing, so it wasn’t bad. I thought I’d probably made his day. Not like this other time…

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting at a red light, I should really stop doing that, in the right-hand lane, watching some people turn left on their advanced green, when suddenly I see someone approaching in altogether the wrong direction. It looked a little something like this:


So when I saw the purple car blast through the intersection, cut off the lemon and almost cause a 4 car pileup, I was pretty upset. I whip around to watch buddy drive off with, what had to be, the most horrified face anyone has ever made.

Heather - WTF

And as I look over, I happen to notice the passenger in the car beside me. And she’s looking at me. Directly at me. She didn’t look amused. She looked judgemental. I faced forward and tried to pretend like nothing happened. But I know it did and I know that she knows it did.

Big thanks to “EliseArt” for providing the illustrations.